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Too little, too late, ducks.

I grew up in tropical Albany, NY, did an 8-year tour in Boston, where I was seduced by the Red Sox, then moved to NYC in 2004, just in time to see the Sox win the World Series after 86 years. (Maybe if you’d won sooner, RED SOX, I would have stayed. Just saying.)

I write the ticker* for a cable news channel, keep myself busy with other projects (recaps, listicles, rants and blog posts) and try to travel as much as I can.

*The crawl thingy that goes below the screen.

Since 2012, I’ve written recaps for some really crappy TV shows (Dance Moms, Dance Moms Miami and Brooklyn 11223, I’m looking at you) and some really awesome TV shows (Mad Men) at a site called That site was shuttered in 2013 but another site called took its place.

Here’s a link to all my stuff, and if you’re brave, I’ve managed to rescue some old Dance Moms recaps and post them here.

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