Son of Manus Mondays*: Gotta Cut Loose

Footloose seems to be on cable a lot lately, so to honor that, here is a post from 2005 about the esteemed 1984 film. (Because the 2011 version did not happen. You hear me? DID. NOT. HAPPEN.) 

You can read the original post here.

Fry like Bacon, freshmen piggies!

Fry like Bacon, Freshmen piggies!

Signs you live in a town that doesn’t allow dancing:

-People make fun of you for wearing a skinny leather tie to your first day at the new high school
-Hilarity ensues when you explain to your new friends the musical group Men at Work aren’t actually men working
-You are bullied into having a chicken fight with tractors
-You wear slutty red cowboy boots that symbolize how much you want to leave this crappy town
-Your daddy is John Lithgow
-You tell your daddy, John Lithgow, that you’re not even a virgin while yelling at him in church
-Your career tanked after the Fame TV show
-You convince John Lithgow to let you hold your senior dance just over the county line
-You finally realize that heaven helps the man who fights his fear and love’s the only thing that keeps you here

Who knew my career would peak in this dress.

Who knew my career would peak in this dress?

*Yes, I am blatantly recycling posts from a blog that’s been defunct for six years, but I would hate to deprive a new generation of my insights 🙂 I promise I’ll get back to writing new stuff soon.


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