Boozy Tuesdays: Industry City Distillery

Hey Y’all!*

This week, in the interest of science, I left my apartment on a Saturday and trekked ALL THE WAY to Brooklyn to tour a vodka distillery. (Of course the only thing that could get me out of my borough on a weekend is the promise of alcohol.)

It was pretty interesting, I guess. I was excited to learn that there is a point where alcohol can’t get any stronger through distillation. Or something. Science isn’t my strong point. In case you’re wondering, it’s around 191.2 proof, or roughly my BAC Monday morning after the Mets lost.

In addition to learning about fermentation and chemistry, you get to taste the vodka, which tastes like…vodka. They also make gin and limoncello and you can buy a handful of delicious cocktails and some snacks (empanadas, mostly. I didn’t try them). You can also buy stuff to make your own limoncello, although why you’d wanna do that when you can just order from Drizly, is beyond me. But hey, maybe you’re not as lazy as I am.

In any event, even though I am more of a wine person who only occasionally dips into hard liquor (at open-bar events, natch), Industry City Distillery was a fun way to kill a Saturday afternoon. (And possibly, some brain cells.)

*I just finished watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix and I’ve been channeling my inner Mrs. Coach Taylor.

Boozing in BK

Boozing in BK


I'll drink to that!

I’ll drink to that!

Pink drinks are the best drinks!

Pink drinks are the best drinks!


Distill my heart!

Distill my heart!


Every distillery needs an adorable kitteh.

Every distillery needs an adorable kitteh


A drink with a view.

A drink with a view


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