Boozy Tuesdays: Brandy, You’re a Fine Horse

Here’s a fabulous idea for your next party. Instead of a keg or a punch bowl (do people still even have punch bowls??), think outside the bottle and provide your guests with the finest Armenian brandy in the finest of vessels: a glass horse.




“But wait!” you say, “The holidays are coming!”

Don’t worry, I have your Christmas party covered:

It's a brandy reindeer! (Obviously.)

You’re welcome!


I suppose I should explain how I found out about these. My friend’s dad gave her the brandy horse for her birthday (which we named, creatively enough, “Brandy”), and I thought it was so fantastic, he gave me one at Christmas. (We him named “Randy.” [Reindeer + Brandy – are you sensing a theme?])

Randy is SO special, I have vowed not to open him until I win my Tony award or until NYC is hit by a dirty bomb and I have to shelter in place, whichever comes first.

I just googled these guys and all I didn’t realize there were so many to pick from! I want them all. Especially this one.

So what’s your favorite incarnation of Armenian brandy?

As always, thanks for reading and have a fab day!



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